Herbal Support for Vibrant Brain Health: Including post-COVID cognitive challenges with Mimi Hernandez, RH (AHG)

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Cognitive decline, lack of focus, and loss of memory are concerns that affect many folks, young and old. Whether from a storied background of tradition or based on clinically relevant scientific inquiry, several herbs are considered to support clarity of thought. Herbs can be allies for those facing experiences associated with brain fog, dementia, and Alzheimer's. Learn about the underlying causes of cognitive loss and how healthy oils, foods, and herbs can positively impact brain health. Mimi also shares a personal story about her journey toward vibrant brain health in her recovery from Covid-associated brain fog.

Instructor Bio: 

Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH (AHG), draws upon her rich ethnic background and the influence of her Abuelitas to inspire her work as a clinical herbalist, educator and ethnobotanist. She believes strongly that keeping plant wisdom alive is essential and has dedicated her life’s work to serving as an advocate for both traditional and professional herbal pathways while building cultural bridges of understanding. Mimi is the Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild and formerly served as the Coordinator of the Appalachian Center for Ethnobotanical Studies at Frostburg State University in Maryland.