Winter Solstice Dreaming and Medicine for Deep Rest

Thursday, December 15th 7pm- 9pm $22.00

This class will be recorded for those who cannot make it live.

From Samhain to the Winter solstice are some of my favorite moments. It is the descent into the dreaming time, where in Chinese medicine it is time to rest our Kidneys, our essence and honor the deep waters/emotions of our lives. So many storms this year and it is time to honor all that 2022 has gifted/challenged us with. This two-hour class will look at this dreaming time and why it is so vital to our spirit. Healing plants to work with for dreams will be discussed. We will then look at the world of deep tonics, nervines, adaptogens and new research on the absolute necessity of trace minerals as we tend the Water element, we call our ocean of life. The class will be a week before the Solstice, December 21, so you will have time to create your own ceremony with self, family or friends.